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Tesco Removing Plastics From Their Packaging

Tesco is making another hard push to eliminate unnecessary plastic wastes from their packaging. Since 2018 the company has been working to remove excess packaging from the products in their home brand, resulting in 31% less packaging weight per unit sold. They have also worked to eliminate hard-to-recycle materials from their packaging to increase recycling and reduce wastes.

Now, starting in the new year, Tesco will demand the same of their third-party product suppliers. These suppliers will be faced with the option to choose to comply or be removed from Tesco shelves across the country. Given that Tesco currently holds 27% of the grocery market share in Britain, suppliers are unlikely to choose to part with the nation's largest grocery chain.

Tesco has been focused on the environment for a long time. In the past, the company has conducted numerous sustainable initiatives aimed at reducing its environmental impact. They have also called on the UK government to increase their environmental action. It is likely we can expect to see further green initiatives from the company in the coming years.

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