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The Content Creation Room

Since we moved into our new office at the beginning of August, we've slowly been working on adding to our space to create an office that meets the unique needs of our team. Our most recent project, the Content Creation Room, has just been completed and we're very excited to start using it. The room includes microphones, video equipment, green screens, and more, all designed to help us create multi-media content for our website, social media, and more.


Our goal is to create podcasts, vlogs, video advertisements, and more, all within our own office space. To accomplish this goal, we rely on our multi-talented team to bring their unique skills and perspectives to creating content for us. Patryk Terelak, a member of our development team, is incredibly skilled at creating and editing video content. Patryk will be leading much of our video content creation, utilizing his skills to direct a team and execute his vision. 

Content created in our new space is being utilized on our website, our blog, and in emails to subscribers. We hope to provide our customers and potential customers with high quality and informative content about Routeique and the industry as a whole. Utilizing a multi-media approach to our content also helps us to increase our viewer base, and demonstrates the incredible skills and experience of our team members. 

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