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The Routeique Arcade Machine

What does a tech company make for an after-hours fun project? An arcade machine of course! Relying on the skills of our multi-talented team, we created an old-school arcade machine to help make our office a little more exciting.

We started with the wooden case, which we painted with Routeique colours to match our office. Then we attached the buttons and joysticks. In addition to buying some of our favorite games, the team is excited about building our own. Our arcade game is fully functional already, and now we're beginning to focus on improving it's aesthetic by adding an LED sign, speakers with music, and more.

Our team is really enjoying having an arcade machine in our office, team members are even lining up to play it during lunch! Eventually, our goal is to build a few more machines with different games and place them throughout the office. Just another example of Routeique living up to the motto of Work Hard, Play Hard!

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