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Trends in Cold Chain Logistics

Like all industries, transportation and logistics is adapting to the changing times. As we continue moving forward into 2019, various trends will impact different aspects of the industry. Cold chains, or the movement of temperature sensitive products through supply chains, is a facet of the transportation and logistics industry with its own unique challenges and solutions. Here are 5 trends that we will see impacting cold chain logistics in 2019.


Globalization is impacting every aspect of the world around us, including cold chain logistics. Across the globe, standards of living are increasing, especially in developing nations. As more and more people achieve a higher standard of living, the demand for fresh imported foods and other temperature sensitive products will increase. Fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, medications and vaccines, and more, will all be in increasing demand, and this demand can only be met by cold chain logistics.

Product Sensitivity

Our understanding of foodborne illnesses and our medical knowledge continues to increase in complexity. This means product safety is changing, requiring tighter regulations on transporting temperature-sensitive products. Increase regulations, especially in expanding or new markets, will mean new challenges and solutions will arise in cold chain logistics.


Many urban centers are beginning to shift towards more sustainable, eco-friendly policies, including limiting vehicle traffic through their inner cities. It is, therefore, becoming essential to find a sustainable, eco-friendly solution to the transportation of temperature-sensitive products. Some companies are experimenting with refrigerated units attached to bicycles or electric scooters, among other options.

Better Packaging

Companies are working hard to improve their packaging, and we anticipate this trend to continue into 2019. Work in this area is expected to continue to focus on finding sustainable packaging, that also works to preserve the temperature of the product to further protect product during transport.


More and more, companies within cold chains are adopting software and hardware solutions like Routeique to help them better manage their products and their supply chain as a whole. Technology continues to improve to better serve cold chain logistics, and we expect to see this trend continue.

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