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'Twas the Night Before Christmas - Routeique Edition

'Twas the night before Christmas, at Santa's Workshop,
The elves all working, wrapping gifts nonstop;
Each present was carefully packed in the sleigh,
Ready to bring joy upon Christmas Day.

The reindeer were ready and harnessed in tight,
prepared and excited for their Christmas Eve flight;
The sleigh had been polished and was ready to go,
To sparkle and shine against fresh fallen snow.

Santa's list had been made, checked once and then twice,
A gift ready for all the children marked "nice";
There were many nice children, far more than last year,
Which meant a long night for him and his deer.

"We have so many stops," said Santa with fright,
"How will we manage all this in one night?";
Santa polled the elves for help with this task,
"What solution could help us, who could we ask?"

"Let's use Routeique" said one elf with a smile,
"They optimize deliveries within the last mile.";
At that Santa grinned, for the old elf was right.
Routeique was the solution to save them that night.

So Santa called the Routeique team, to ask for their hand,
In delivering presents across all the land.
"Of course we can help you, we'll plan your route right,
To reach every house, all in one night."

And the team got to work optimizing the route,
Santa would make all his stops, no doubt.
His list was imported, all it took was one click,
To schedule deliveries that night for St. Nick.

They readied the tablet and put it in the sleigh,
"Thank you," said Santa "for saving the day!"
"Routeique is happy to help you out here,
But our system does more to help throughout the year."

"Delivering gifts is only part of the story,
You also must manage your huge inventory.
We can also decrease the stress of your elves,
By ordering the gifts that they don't make themselves."

Santa was thrilled with all Routeique could do,
Routing and ordering and even more too.
"But what will I do if there's a problem you see?
None of my elves are trained in IT!"

"Not to worry, we won't let your night come up short,
At Routeique we internally handle support!"
Santa was pleased, the solution was swell,
He could use it this Christmas and next year as well!

The last piece was the vehicle brain in the sleigh,
So the elves could track Santa as he went on his way.
In real time they could watch him cross each stop of his list,
Ensuring that not one single child was missed.

It was time to begin his Christmas Eve flight,
This time knowing everything would go right.
Thanks to Routeique he would make all his stops,
With gifts of skipping ropes, dollies, and tops.

Santa hopped in his sleigh, gave the Routeique team a wave,
Then his reindeer lifted off at the whistle he gave.
And the team heard him shout as he flew out of sight,
"Merry Christmas to All, and to all a good night!"

From the Routeique family to yours, Happy Holidays!

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