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UPS Invests in TuSimple

Over the last few years, UPS has made strides into the future with testing being conducted for drone delivery, more fuel-efficient vehicles and the implementation of more AI and IOT technologies. Their latest announcement sees UPS interests adopting autonomous vehicles through their minority stake investment in the self-driving company, TuSimple. With the number of autonomous vehicles becoming available increasing, through this minority stake investment, UPS has shown their commitment to remaining on top of technological advancements in the supply chain space.

Since May this year, UPS has been testing TuSimple’s autonomous vehicle on a busy route in Arizona. These tests will allow UPS to measure exactly what areas of their supply chain are affected. TuSimple says it’s confident it can cut average transportation costs by up to 30%.

While more testing is necessary as the automobile industry as a whole evolves, research has found that autonomous vehicles in the transportation of goods saves on fuel, reduces the number of accidents, and decreases overall carbon emissions.

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