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Walmart and the "Hi-Tech" Distribution Centre

Walmart, the world's largest retailer, has announced plans to break ground on a new high-tech distribution centre in the coming month, which will deploy WITRON technology to process fresh and frozen grocery perishables. The technology relies on automation to process products moving within and out of the facility to enhance the grocery supply for the company. An algorithm will be used to determine how to best palletize an order for a given store, by minimizing wasted space and considering the density of products to ensure lighter items are not crushed.

The warehouse will be located in Shafter, California, and will begin supporting it's 200 stores in 2020. Walmart expects the new warehouse to be capable of moving 40% more product than a regular distribution centre, by maximizing efficiency and consistency. They also expect hundreds of new jobs to be created, with a focus on persons with a technology or STEM background.

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