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What Can a Route Optimizer Do?


There are many route optimizers on the market today, but they're not all created equal. Some optimizers which work well for a specific industry may not be applicable to others, especially if these industries require unique optimization features. When choosing a route optimizer it's important to seek out options with the best features for the specific needs of your business. Here are some route optimization features you may want to consider.

Dynamic Routing
A common need for businesses with commonly changing orders, dynamic routing allows for the routes to be edited and reoptimized after the driver has already left the warehouse. This allows you to better handle last-minute changes due to things like emergency stops, order cancellations, and more without sacrificing an optimal and efficient route.

Business Rule Consideration
In some industries, deliveries can easily be made at nearly any time during the day. However, there are many industries where deliveries are constrained by a set of business rules. These may include deliveries only being accepted outside operating hours or when a specific receiver is available. If your deliveries are governed by business rules, it's imperative that your route optimizer can take these into consideration.

Analytics and Reporting
Now that you know your optimal route, how often is this route accurately being completed? Do your routes allow for enough time at each delivery stop? Have some of your routes changed dramatically since they were initially optimized? Answering these questions without accurate reporting and historical data is nearly impossible. Your route optimizer should be able to give you this data to help you improve your operations.

Addresses alone are sufficient for delivery only if they are accurately and universally recorded. However, in reality we cannot rely on addresses due to the inaccuracy and variances that are common in how addresses are written. A route optimizer should instead be able to geocode, identifying a precise location on the surface of the globe. This allows you to be sure that your deliveries and routes are as accurate and optimal as possible.

Change Management and Training
If you and your team don't know how to utilize your new technology, you won't use it at all. Your route optimization provider should be able to offer training on how to best use the system and transition your team to the new software. This can be especially helpful if your team is resistant to change or is inexperienced with technology.

Routeique's route optimizer was uniquely designed to support a wide range of business needs. We offer each of the features described here to ensure that your business can operate as efficiently as possible. Click here to learn more about Routeique's Route Optimization feature.

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