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White Glove Service in the Last Mile

The last mile is the portion of the supply chain with the highest customer interaction, and therefore it is essential that this section consists of the highest levels of customer service. For this reason, more and more companies are turning to white glove service within their last mile. White glove service refers to services that go above and beyond the traditional drop-off delivery and may include things like assembly, installation, or other services. Generally, these services are best reserved for expensive or bulky products or products which require extensive setup. White glove service helps to improve brand loyalty by providing customers with the best possible delivery experience. 

Companies seeking to offer white glove service should carefully consider the needs and demands of their customers, and the products which they deliver. Some services work better for certain products than others. For example, furniture that comes pre-assembled will likely not need an assembly service but could require a moving service to help place the item in the desired location within the home. Furniture companies may also benefit from offering the additional white glove service of removing excess packaging, or even recycling of old furniture which is being replaced. It is also important to consider that some or all white glove services may experience fluctuations in demand. Peak shopping seasons around the holidays are often times of increased demand for white glove services. 

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