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Why Static Route Optimizers Are No Longer Cutting It.

Traditionally, route planners have been very successful at finding the quickest route between A and B, and then onward to C and beyond. Once the route is found, it can easily be used over and over for the same route. And this system works perfectly fine for companies with established and rarely-changing daily routes. However, to succeed in today’s market your company must be able to quickly adapt to the changing customer demands, which may include changing your routes on a dime.

If your company has routes that frequently change, irregular order times or frequencies, or you offer same-day deliveries, static route optimization won’t serve your needs. Instead, you need something as dynamic as your deliveries. What if your route optimization system could adjust its routes on-the-fly to make sure your drivers are working as efficiently as possible, regardless of any changes or updates? What if your system could account for things like unexpected weather patterns, abnormal traffic conditions, or last minute order changes without sacrificing time or fuel usage? A dynamic route optimizer can do that!

Is it time to switch your outdated static route optimizer for a more dynamic system? Check out Routeique’s route optimizer here to see how our unique mix of cutting-edge technology and advanced algorithms can deliver the optimal routes, no matter where you are.

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