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Women in Supply Chain

The Canadian supply chain industry is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers, and the problem is anticipated to grow as the supply chain industry expands. According to The Accelerator Project (, Alberta is anticipated to have upwards of 50,000 job openings within supply chains between 2011 and 2020, and other provinces are experiencing similar growth. The Van Horne Institutes Women in Supply Chain Initiative (WISC) aims to encourage women to consider careers within the supply chain industry, to help increase the number of skilled workers available in Canada. Simply put, they “think attracting and retaining women within the supply chain sector is a realistic, common sense solution to Canada’s human resources challenges.” 

WISC states that while supply chain has traditionally been male-dominated, there are signs of a change that can be seen across the industry. More and more post-secondary institutions are seeing strong enrolment from females, and more women than ever a seeking a career in supply chain and logistics. As these educational institutes continue to produce well-educated and skilled workers, the industry will continue to benefit.  The industry in Canada is vast and diverse and is, therefore, best managed by a diverse workforce with broad education and experiential backgrounds. 

Like many companies within the supply chain and logistics industry within Canada, Routeique encourages anyone wishing to enter this industry to pursue their goals.


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