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Cloud-based Solutions for Field Service Providers

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Routeique™ software helps you improve your business at every step.

Field Services depend on fast and reliable service delivered directly to the customer. You need a system that will optimize your travel routes, that will track and monitor your fleet, and that will help keep track of the day's priorities. You need software that is easy to use, that lets you manage orders from anywhere, and allows you communicate directly with your customers.
You need Routeique™.
Today, your customers demand ever-improving service, increased speed, and reduced waiting times. To meet these increasing needs, field service providers need a platform that can help them efficiently manage their days, ensuring the best possible customer service. Routeique™ lets you manage your order docket for the day, ensuring the fastest and most efficient route. We also help you keep in contact with your customers to ensure transparency at each stage of the process. Fulfilling your orders quickly and efficiently ensures customer satisfaction and keeps them coming back to you. In addition, Routeique™ helps you build new business, increasing your revenue. We've helped many companies to grow and expand, let us show you how we can do it for you.

Customer Interaction

With outbound email and SMS services provided by Routeique™, drivers can communicate directly with customers, keeping them updated of arrival times, delays, and even questions which may arise prior to arrival. Customers can also track their driver in real time.

Order Management

Routeique™ lets you easily place, manage, and update orders in the office or in the field and updates are received system-wide in real time. Customers may even place their own orders through the Routeique™ portal.

Fleet & Route Management

Routeique™ optimizes your route, finding drivers the most efficient way to complete all their jobs scheduled for the day. Our vehicle tracking technology also allows you to track the location and condition of every vehicle in your fleet, allowing security for your drivers and your vehicles.

Invoicing and Reporting

Using the Routeique™ mobile app, customers can sign and pay invoices, helping to keep track of service fulfillment. At a glance, you can also see reports allowing you to determine the average speed, time, and the number of orders completed per day, per week, or per driver.

Deliverables packed,
racked and tracked.

Insuring all deliveries are on time, all the time.

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