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Our Financial Hub Integrations

Introducing our latest financial integrations: QuickBooks Online and Xero. On-boarding is now as easy as authorizing your accounting software with the Routeique™ platform. With instantaneous data migration, you can import your customers, products, payment terms, and tax data into the Routeique™ admin console within minutes.

QuickBooks Online

Routeique™ works with you, and with your software, to integrate seamlessly into your business.

Finding a great system that works for your company can be difficult, and nothing is more frustrating than having to repeat that process when your systems won’t integrate with each other. In today’s integrated world, no system works on its own and needs to play well with others. That’s why Routeique™ was designed to integrate with a number of back-office systems, including accounting platforms. We also utilize EDI or API bridges to integrate with partner or vendor systems. We also include integrations standard in our platform, so there’s no need to code or design your own. Integrations allow each of your systems to work together, in the most efficient way possible, to maximize your productivity. Routeique™ works with you, so you never have to worry about fitting Routeique™ into your company.

Co-Operative Systems

With Routeique™, you don’t have to abandon your existing technology stack. We play nice with others.

Data Flow

Our integrations ensure that data moves seamlessly between systems, so you never have to enter data twice.

Real-Time Information

With Routeique™, your data is always updated real-time, so there’s no waiting for lagging software.

Integrate With Anything

With Routeique™, you never have to worry about designing or coding your own integrations. If your system doesn’t already integrate with us, we can design an integration for you.

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