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We Deliver for Our Investors

Since our inception in 2016, Routeique™ has grown by leaps and bounds. We have developed the team, technology, and traction to really deliver for our investors. We have partnered with some incredible investors so far, and we're excited to continue fostering our relationships. Our investment partners have allowed us the ability to improve our office space, expand our team, acquire a new company, and more. We're excited to see what new opportunities these partnerships bring.

Upcoming Events

BCIC Small Business Week

Routeique™ will be participating in a panel discussion on blockchain in transportation and logistics. Industry experts will discuss and debate the use cases for and merits of blockchain solutions in the space.

43 North Finals

On October 3rd, Routeique™ will present our final pitch to the 43 North judges as a finalist for their 2018 competition. The pitch will be held in Buffalo, NY, and tickets to the finals are available online through 43 North.

Office Open House

To celebrate the move into our new office space, Routeique™ will be hosting an office open house on in November 2018. More details to come. We can't wait to show off our beautiful new location.

International Symposium on AI

At the end of September, Routeique™ will be attending the International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence (AI) hosted by the German-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research (GCCIR), in Edmonton, Alberta. We're excited to learn more about AI from experts from around the world.

Routeique™ is Headed to Taiwan

In November 2018, Routeique™ will be attending the Garage+ Start-Up Global Program in Taiwan. Carrying on from our success in Hong Kong in April, this opportunity will help increase the awareness and exposure of the Routeique™ solution in the Asia-Pacific market.

Latest News


In early 2017, Routeique™ participated in Gener8tor™ accelerator program. Along with extensive mentoring and assistance, the gener8tor program provided Routeique™ with the first outside investment as well as access to a large pool of US VC and Growth Capital Firms, including our most recent investment partners.

Lancaster Investments

In July, Routeique™ was provided bridge funding provided by Lancaster Investments, in the form of a convertible debenture. Proceeds were used to fund the acquisition of sdmg. The financing and subsequent acquisition will ensure the continued growth and development of Routeique™ on the international scale.

sdmg Acquisition

In August, Routeique™ acquired sdmg. This acquisition has allowed us to nearly double our staff, adding even more experienced project managers, support personnel, and programmers to our team. The funding for this acquisition was provided by Lancaster Investments.

43 North Finalist

At the beginning of September, Routeique™ was announced as one of 16 finalists for the 43 North competition. We are thrilled to be considered among so many wonderful companies, and we look forward to presenting our final pitch in October.


Routeique™ has forged a joint venture with Blocktech to develop and commercialize blockchain based solutions for the logistics and transportation sector. This partnership will have bigger implications than simply the two companies themselves and will help Routeique™ become a thought and practice leader in the blockchain space.

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