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Maintain Your Customer List and Ensure the Best Possible Service

As your company scales, you may find yourself managing a vast and growing list of profiles, preferences, and schedules. Without the right customer/client management software, it can be easy for this list to become overwhelming and neglected. 

That’s where our client management technology comes in.

How Routeique™ Can Help Your Business:

Key on a keyboard relabelled to "paperless environment" with a small bar graph on the top left corner of the key.

Our software saves your team time and space. Manage an unlimited number of customer profiles digitally without bulky papers, binders, or filing cabinets.

Laptop open with the Routeique Search Customers window open.

We’ll never limit the number of customers you can have. We know the importance of growing your business, and our software is designed to grow with you.

Laptop open with the Routeique Edit Customer window open.

Tracking your customers' profiles and preferences allows you to provide them with the best possible service, unique to their needs. Happy customers mean great business.

Web of floating information icons.

Your whole team will have access to the most up-to-date customer information in real-time. When everyone has the correct information, customer service is faster and more accurate.

Effectively Manage Customer Information

Increase and scale customer service.

With our customer management platform, your entire team can access the most up-to-date information, offering your customers the best possible service.

Edit in real-time.

Edits made to customer profiles instantly update and sync across the platform. All of your permitted team members are able to access the most accurate information at any time.

Manage key customer info all in one place.
  • add new customers or edit existing profiles
  • edit addresses, locations, customer preferences
  • manage terms, tax, and price plans easily


How Our Clients Use our Customer Management Solutions

Our internationally-recognized manufacturing and distribution clients utilize our customer management system to track thousands of customers across the country. 

Their customers are vast and varied and require different levels of service and product requirements. 

Routeique™ allows them to stay on top of changing needs and preferences for each customer. 

Our customer management solution can be used in combination with as many Routeique™ features as needed.

Common complementary tools include:

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