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Customize Pricing Tiers

At Routeique™, we know that you have different types of customers with different needs and preferences. That’s why our online supply chain management tools enable you to set pricing in tiers with the touch of a button to maximize your sales and revenue and allow you to reward your loyal customers. 

See What Routeique Can Do For You:

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Our price plan feature gives you the flexibility to use one, two, or all three tiers when planning your prices. As your business grows and changes, you can edit or modify these tiers.

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Using the Routeique™ price plan management system, you have the opportunity to reward great customers with great deals. Making customers feel appreciated keeps them coming back to you again and again.


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Our price plan management system allows you to price products competitively where it matters most, without cutting your margins on all items.

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Your customers will always have the most accurate price when they place their orders. No guesswork involved.

Set Prices Flexibly

Price plans can be set based on SKU/ product type, or on the customer purchasing the items. This offers significant flexibility, and helps you provide the best possible customer service.


Pricing Tiers
  • Default price - everyday price for most customers. 

  • Price Plan - for all customers on price plan. 

  • Price by Customer - for customer-specific pricing, in instances where customers are eligible for discounts. 


Combine Our Price Plan Features With Other Routeique™ Tools 

Our price plan management platform, like all our features, can be used in combination with as many of our features as your business needs. 

Many companies combine our price plan management features with:

This creates a solution for gaining new customers, satisfying current customers, and growing existing business. 

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