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Stay on top of your fleet management using vehicle tracking.

To manage your business best, you need to understand all the essential data. Our vehicle tracking system will give you an overview of your fleet in real-time, giving you the best possible information at any moment. With Routeique™ you can save thousands by proactively identifying costly problems before they affect your bottom line.


How it works:

Get comprehensive fleet tracking options like:
  • Real-time GPS location tracking

  • monitoring for collisions and stops/starts

  • monitoring temperature-controlled vehicles

Vehicle Intelligence Hub.

Routeique™ offers a Vehicle Intelligence Hub, which we lovingly call the Vehicle Brain, to monitor every aspect of your fleet vehicles including: 

  • temp/humidity of refrigerated trucks

  • driving habits

  • potential maintenance issues

  • fuel system status, engine oil temperature, engine coolant temperature, engine RPM, vehicle speed, and much more.

Three semi trucks with map markers above them.

See what Routeique™ vehicle tracking can do for you.

Person holding a tablet that's displaying augmented reality.

We know it can be hard to find the right tech to use for your company. That's why Routeique™ helps you find and purchase the right products, and teach you how to use it!

The Routeique platform showing a map with multiple locations marked - Vehicle Intelligence Hub.

With Routeique™, you’re on the cutting edge of vehicle technology. Our Vehicle Intelligence Hub is a unique, advanced technology available exclusively to our customers.

The Routeique Time Sheets window displayed on a laptop

Routeique™ dynamically compiles the data from your vehicle tracking to give you a quick, detailed overview of your fleet. This data is essential in monitoring route optimization and efficiency initiatives.

Birdseye view of three semi trucks.

The more information you have, the more control you have when making decisions. With Routeique™ vehicle tracking, you'll always know the condition and location of your fleet.

Combine route and vehicle tracking options to enhance your bottom line.

The vehicle and fleet tracking system, like all our features, can be used with as many Routeique features as your business needs. Our customers often combine our vehicle tracking software with our Route Optimization features to ensure the best possible last mile deliveries. 


Contact us for more information

Companies, both big and small, have joined with Routeique™ to track their vehicles and optimize their fleet. Find out how Routeique™ can enhance your delivery operations.

Message us below, and one of our experts will get your questions answered!


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