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Manage your product list and information with ease using the Routeique™ product management platform.

Managing your products is essential to the operation of your business. Routeique™ allows you to have an overview of all your products, or view specific details about each one. For each product, you can view prices, size, package quantity, vendor(s) who deliver it, customers who purchase it, and more. This overview allows you to maximize your knowledge of your products, helping you to make the most informed decisions possible. Product information from your vendors is updated in real-time across your platform and can be viewed from your office or warehouse. The Routeique™ product management platform makes it easy to view your product information. Utilizing this information you can effectively provide necessary product information to your customers, helping them to make the best decisions when purchasing from you.

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See what Routeique™ can do for you.

When your product information is organized and clearly stored in your Routeique™ portal, its easy for your team and your customers to get the right information with just the touch of a button.

See what Routeique™ can do for you.


Helping you make informed product decisions for your company and customers

It’s easy to see why companies love Routeique™.

Distribution companies need a solution to manage their products in order to simplify their supply chain from vendors to customers. That's where Routeique™ comes in. Our system manages all their product lists, with detailed or simplified views, all in one place. Companies using our product management system often utilize our inventory management feature, our order management feature, and our vendor management feature in conjunction. When used together, these features create a complete solution for tracking and managing warehouse inventory and product availability and allow the company to provide customers with the best possible products using the best possible service. Our product management solution, like all our features, can be used in combination with as many Routeique™ features as your business needs. Find out what else Routeique™ can do for you by requesting a demo below.

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