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Create delivery notices and securely capture signatures from anywhere.

Traditionally, proof of delivery was given using paper delivery notices signed by the recipient. However, with systems like Routeique™, you can leave the paper behind and take advantage of our electronic proof of delivery system. Tablets carried by the drivers can easily be used to create a delivery notice which is sent to both customer and vendor, and the tablet can even be used for signature capture. The system securely stores these delivery notices and signatures, keeping them organized should they need to be edited or reviewed at a later time. Any edits made to the delivery notices are updated in real-time across the platform, so everyone can see the most up-to-date information. Should you or a customer require a paper copy of these documents, no problem! You can easily print any delivery notice using the Routeique™ system.

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See what Routeique™ can do for you.

Using the Routeique™ system, proof of delivery can be done using no paper at all. This saves you paper and ink costs, as well as reducing your companies carbon footprint. Win-win!

See what Routeique™ can do for you.


Gain control and minimize costly mistakes.

It’s easy to see why companies love Routeique™.

Providing proof of delivery notices can be a hassle for a delivery company of any size. Routeique™ takes over the hard work for you, making proof of delivery easy and secure. Companies who utilize our proof of delivery feature also use Routeique™ solutions for a variety of distribution problems. Using our customer order portal and route optimization features along with our proof of delivery system creates a nearly complete solution for distribution or last-mile-delivery companies to grow and improve their businesses, and increase their customer satisfaction. Our integrations with your existing backend software make it easy to fit the Routeique™ proof of delivery platform into your existing operation. Our proof of delivery system, like all our features, can be used in combination with as many Routeique™ features as your business needs. Find out what else Routeique™ can do for you by requesting a demo below.

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