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Routeique™ software ensures customer satisfaction.

Retail needs to operate efficiently in order to best meet the needs of your customers. You need a platform to efficiently manage your inventory, to place and track your orders, and keep you in contact with your distributors. You need a system that understands your business's unique needs, that is easy to use, and that saves you time.
You need Routeique™.
Customer service is the cornerstone of both online and real-world stores. Customers expect more and more from their retailers, including speedy delivery and an inventory with no delays. It is therefore essential that retailers have a platform that manages their inventory and orders, and ensures that customers always get what they need. Routeique™ saves you money and time by ensuring your regular order is scheduled in advance. Knowing where your products are and when they will arrive, allows you to provide your customers with the best possible service, keeping them coming back for more. Using our platform you can keep your current customers happy, and bring in new customers, increasing your revenue and helping your business to grow. Routeique™ has helped many companies grow and flourish, find out how we can help you too.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Never forget to place an order again! With Routeique™, you can set up an order to automatically be placed when your inventory is running low, based on how quickly you sell items. You can also set a standard order each week, so you always get exactly what you need.

Order Management

Routeique™ lets you place your own orders, right in our portal. You can also edit and manage existing orders, and even track deliveries. Our system lets you communicate directly with your distributors so you are always in control.

Asset Management

Using Routeique™ asset tracking technology, you can monitor your fridges and freezers from anywhere. Always stay on top of problems and maintenance to save you money.

Invoice Management

Routeique™ lets you manage invoices and payments to your distributors easily and quickly. Our system also integrates with a variety of accounting systems that you already use.

Ensuring your customers
keep coming back.

Dynamically streamlining your retail process.

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