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RouteiqueDec 22, 2021 3:22:00 PM6 min read

2021 In Review

This past year, the Routeique® team reached a number of exciting milestones. We've enhanced our technology solutions and consulting offerings, and continued work with both new and existing clients and partners.

Here are a few of our key highlights from 2021!


Continuing to Provide Leading SCM Software

In early 2021, our team was hard at work enhancing virtually every aspect of our platform to better meet our users' unique and changing needs. These changes launched early in the first quarter.

Our VP Operations, Eric Moon, describes the changes as, “a reimagined way to deliver end-to-end order management for our customers that included over 200 new and improved features and a one-of-a-kind order sharing system.”

One of the most significant parts of the rollout was the merging of an enhanced route optimization solution, which had been in development and was piloted over the last two years, into the core platform. Using AI optimization algorithms, this tool creates efficient, optimized routes for clients.

This created an even better experience for Routeique users who were seeing an increase in home deliveries due to COVID-19.

The update also made it easier than ever for clients to:

  • Digitally notify end customers of their order status
  • Use AI-powered algorithms to optimize routes and save costs
  • Instantly share orders and information across a large network of partners

Another important element of this launch was the hands-on support and info provided to clients and users throughout the launch. “Our Client Success team worked with users to ensure their transition to the new version was seamless,” says Kaitlin Mercier, our VP of Client Success.



Supporting New Clients With Supply Chain Consulting and Technology


Enhancing Warehousing With 3D Scale Modelling and MotionMining

This year saw an increase in our in-depth supply chain consulting services. 

For example, we helped one of Canada’s largest craft breweries de-risk decision-making around their expansion. Our consulting and analysis, alongside technology like a scale 3D model and process mapping, allowed them to increase storage density, optimize their warehouse, and improve processes.

Learn more on this topic here!

Enhancing Pharmaceutical Distribution and Cold Chain Compliance

In light of COVID-19, the temperature-controlled supply chain is essential. We’re proud to be helping our partners at Ziing Final Mile™ distribute products for leading pharmaceutical manufacturers. These products range from vaccines and other pharmaceuticals to everyday supplies like lip balm. In addition to maintaining cold chain compliance, the distribution and chain of custody for some of these products need to be incredibly secure. Our IoT tools help maintain temperature tolerances as well as key data on distribution.

For more detail, check out our blog on the topic.


Supporting Cold Chain Compliance in the Foodservice Industry

Cold chain compliance is also essential for transporting food safely. A large North American food manufacturer is piloting our solutions for cold chain compliance for frozen goods like ice cream.

In this pilot, Routeique goes beyond just demonstrating when a delivery will occur. Instead, it includes data about stock on the truck and temperature data by time. This adds visibility to last-mile provenance and ensures suppliers stay informed of everything between the source and the product's end destination.

Want to learn more about how our Vehicle Intelligence Hub ensures Cold Chain Compliance? Check out this blog for more detail.


Innovating Together: Partnerships With Leaders In Supply Chain Software, Tech, And Education

This year, we built on our existing partnerships and kicked off some new ones.

First of all, last year's work with Adiutabyte and MotionMiners was extended further! We’re continuing to bring our combined clients excellent motion process mapping, routing algorithms, and leading supply chain solutions.

We’re also working with some fantastic new partners, ranging from Canadian universities to leaders in the technology space.


Working With Grant MacEwan University To Prepare Future Supply Chain Leaders

This year, Grant MacEwan University reached out to our supply team to create a supply chain course.

“The program is built for individuals looking for upskilling opportunities to better understand the full scope of supply chain and all its moving parts,” says James Boon, Project Manager. “We're are enabling students to understand and map a career path to grow within the industry. On behalf of Routeique, it was a pleasure working with the MacEwan team throughout this project.”

Content Creation Specialist Ryan Desmarais added that the course design was a new and unique type of project for Routeique to take on, but highlights that the team was prepared to take on this new challenge. “Working on the supply chain management micro-credentials course was like nothing I have ever done before. Thankfully, I have a background in research and information collection that was very useful in developing and editing course content.”

Our team was especially dedicated to this project because the importance of the supply chain has become even more prominent over the last few years. “Working on the Micro-credentials course has reminded me how holistic the supply chain is, and how important it is to understand that all the various stages of the supply chain work together to create the ideal conditions that get products to those who need them,” says Content Creation Specialist Ethan Allan, “Every step is just as important as the last, and it is exciting to see the advancements being made in all these different areas.”

We’re enthusiastic about expanding the training offerings available to future and current supply chain professionals and setting students up for success in the field.


Extending And Democratizing Supply Chain Technology

Honeywell and OCR

We’re excited to be working with OCR and Honeywell, established players in manufacturing and technology, to democratize supply chain technology.

This year we started working with Honeywell to bring our solutions to even more businesses in the supply chain. By making our products compatible with theirs, we can help Honeywell support fleets in their network with smaller numbers of drivers.


Geotab is one of the world's most extensive fleet management and GPS tracking platforms. Our teams are also working together on a 2-way integration between our technology.

This partnership will allow Geotab customers to extend their hardware solution with context software from Routeique, allowing them to layer on additional data about what orders are on the vehicle, the contents of each order and the customer they are being delivered to.

Stay tuned for additional detail on these innovative partnerships in the new year!



Sharing Our Perspective On Key Supply Chain Topics

While many trade shows and industry events remained cancelled this year, we still had great opportunities to interact with the local and international tech community.

In addition to an upcoming feature in a book titled Innovates Calgary, we also got a chance to sit down and talk with the Alberta Innovates team about our origins and our mission. Check out the full article here!



Stay Tuned for More Developments 2022


We’ll be Bringing You More Analysis of The Supply Chain Space

As we mentioned in our section about the partnership with Grant McEwan, we believe in providing current and future supply chain leaders with the insights and analysis that they need to make informed, effective decisions.

That’s why we’ve recently enhanced our Supply Chain News Roundup format, and our VP Client Success Kaitlin has been sharing insights on her LinkedIn.


We're Launching A Podcast!

In early February 2022, we are aiming to bring you the Proof of Delivery PodCast (aka the PODcast). We’ll be interviewing some insightful experts in the supply chain industry, and covering a wide range of topics. In the meantime, we’ll keep striving to provide supply chain visionaries with the x-ray vision they need to make their companies more efficient, responsive and profitable.

To keep up to date with all the latest from Routeique, follow us on LinkedIn!