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Image showing road changing from 2022 to 2023, for 2022 In Review blog post
RouteiqueDec 23, 2022 7:11:44 PM4 min read

Routeique: 2022 In Review

It’s been another busy year at Routeique. From getting back on the road, to new developments within the company, our latest blog goes over a few of the highlights from 2022.

Back on the Road

This year, our team was able to get back on the road and attend some trade shows, networking sessions, and other events within Canada as well as worldwide.. 



LogiMAT was one of the largest trade shows in Europe for intralogistics and distribution. Attending this event was our introduction to the German market in partnership with MotionMiners GmbH, to present our joint Facility & Process Optimization Solution. Additionally, our strategic partners at Adiutabyte GmbH attended the show for part of the event and exhibited alongside us. 

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Fresh Field Catalyst Program

It was great to be awarded a place in the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) Fresh Field Catalyst Technology Accelerator. During the program’s Immersion Week, our cohort spent the week together, meeting with and learning about the operations of some of the largest companies in the US produce industry, including Taylor Farms, Bolthouse, Plenty and Driscoll’s. 

At every visit, we met directly with the innovation, operations, and research teams to learn about their digital transformation journey and understand the top problems they are working to solve.

Later in the year, we attended the Global Produce and Floral show alongside our cohort.

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After participating in Amii’s accelerator program in 2021, our team attended their AI week. Their Startup Team hosted an insightful panel discussion on the topic of Alberta’s Next Frontier: Machine Learning in Startups. Our team also made some excellent connections with those interested in working in the supply chain and machine learning space–including some potential future Routeique employees! 

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Tech Talent Tuesday

Our team participated in Platform Calgary’s Tech Talent Tuesday. It was great to share Routeique’s story, mission, and our workplace culture with people curious about working in tech.

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Jumpstart Your Career Event

Similarly to Tech Talent Tuesday, the Jumpstart Your Career event was a great way to connect with individuals aiming to enhance their careers in tech. 

The panel discussion included a wide range of interesting topics, including what companies look for in new hires, trends in tech, and how seasoned professionals can stand out in today’s competitive workforce.


Enhancing Our Supply Chain Solutions 

The word of the year for Routeique has been: Ecosystem. What that means to Routeique is to surround ourselves with partners to help us grow and diversify our knowledge of the field. 

Building on our Focus on Agriculture and Food

Routeique’s goal for 2022 and moving forward is to further enhance our role within the food and agriculture supply chain.

Enhancing our Technology

In addition to fostering strong partnerships, Routeique has focused on improving our hardware and software supply chain solutions. Our Product and Technology teams have been working diligently on improving our product’s inventory, integrating, and networking capabilities.

This year we were able to give businesses unparalleled insight into how their warehouses were operating and were able to help them solve those unique and challenging problems from a top-down perspective. 


Digital Twin

A large focus for Routeique was interacting with the new and emerging technology known as Digital Twin. To find out all the details about Digital Twins, check out this past blog to learn more.

Routeique is incredibly excited about how we can use the future of supply chain technologies to further our services for our clients to provide cutting-edge support, and we look forward to the upcoming years working more with Digital Twin Technologies in order to further improve our use cases and supply chain technologies.


People and Culture

This year has been a huge growth year for Routeique both with new hires and implementing organization-wide policies to keep our company culture.

We have taken great strides to diversify our talent pool, especially in the front-end development role. This allows us to bring unparalleled insight into the business needs of Routeique, which can only be gleaned from lived experience. 

Having an international group of diverse talent allows Routeique to live up to the global standard that we try to achieve by having a company culture that exchanges diverse knowledge and skill sets.


The POD Cast

This year, we launched our own podcast called the POD Cast, or Proof of Delivery Cast, which features experts within the supply chain. We’ve had some amazing guests since the inception of the POD cast, and look forward to more informative episodes and great conversations in the future. 

To check it out click here, or check it out wherever you find your podcasts.



Routeique is extremely proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish this year and look forward to continuing to work with our amazing clients and partners in the new year.