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Routeique Oct 21, 2022 11:11:56 AM 2 min read

3 Essential Features To Deliver Exceptional 3PL Service

When a business enlists a 3PL provider, they expect industry expertise, efficiency, and enhanced customer experience. They may also expect their 3PL provider, as a specialist in the supply chain field, to help them mitigate risks and handle any unexpected circumstances that arise. Delivering on these expectations can be key to helping your company succeed.


Key Takeaways:

  •  Connecting and sharing information is critical for delivering on your customer promise.
  • Integrating with clients’ eCommerce platforms ensures quick and seamless order capture and management.

  • Providing customers with real-time visibility into their order status enhances trust, coordination, and communication.



1. Efficient Data Management


Share data in a timely manner.

Whether your clients have their own custom system or rely on a system like Shopify, our integrations make it easy to centralize data and capture all of the necessary requirements for each end customer's order. Offering integrations for large platforms can even be a selling point. Shopify notes that during the current pandemic, "selecting the right eCommerce logistics partner has never been more important." Being able to easily integrate with your clients' eCommerce platform is one way to provide a seamless experience and allow your clients to focus on other areas of their business during an extremely complicated and busy time.

With integrations, sharing data in a timely fashion has never been easier. 


2. Customer Visibility


Keep your customers in the loop.

When you opt to use Routeique™, your customers will never be left in the dark. Each customer gets a dedicated Routeique™ account, which allows you to share everything from how much inventory they have on hand at a given time to orders out for delivery on the war room map. Not only does this enable receiving to be strategically scheduled, but it provides your customers with peace of mind that everything is running smoothly.

Additionally, our reports provide 3PL businesses with key reporting metrics to help you understand the health of your entire network, as well as individual customer performance. This provides you with the critical information you need to identify opportunities and improve your business.


3. Planning your Resources


Impress clients by always being prepared. 

When it comes to shipping and delivery, customers often seek out a 3PL that will help them navigate issues such as increasingly complex shipping and delivery, and poor visibility into high-volume shipping. To impress your customer, it’s essential to deliver on this front.

Routeique enables you to stay prepared by aggregating information about all your customers' orders and inventory. This allows you to effectively plan your team in the warehouse and on the road.



Get In Touch

Your customers are counting on you to be a key link in their supply chain. Timely information and visibility are sure to help keep things running seamlessly.

Want to improve your 3PL operations? Check out our previous blog on common problem areas and how to solve them, or contact our knowledgeable team members by clicking below.