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RouteiqueOct 22, 2021 3:22:00 PM3 min read

3 Ways Routeique Helps Optimize Supply Chain Operations

3 Ways Routeique Helps Optimize Supply Chain Operations

Have you tried one-size-fits-all solutions in the past, only to be disappointed with the results? Been relying on the same technology for too long? Our team is here to help.

We know that deciding on new supply chain technology comes with a significant investment of time and resources--in other words, businesses can't afford to get it wrong. 

Our comprehensive consulting process de-risks the decision-making process by presenting you with the data you need to make strides towards optimizing your operation. 

That's why Routeique works closely with businesses to determine their requirements, provide them with insights into underlying issues and options to resolve these challenges. 

In other words, we solve your supply chain problems first and digitize the solution. 

Here are a few ways we help businesses in the supply chain space achieve sweeping, effective change.


Warehouse and Process Optimization

We create a to-scale 3D model, or “digital twin” of our clients' warehouses, along with a process flow map that fully outlines the flow of items through the facility, from production or receiving through to storage and loading to optimize a warehouse. This process flow provides a baseline for the optimization process. At the same time, we take a deep dive into data including customer and order profiles, production data, receiving data, and more. Finally, we take stock of any existing tech solutions.

With a detailed analysis of all of these factors, our team can suggest and demonstrate improvements to processes, layout, and technology. Using 3D rendering, we can model possible storage and slotting solutions, as well as changes to the facility layout. Clients can then measure the impact of potential solutions before implementing them. This eliminates uncertainty and allows them to see exactly what the improvements would look like before investing in changes.


Routing and Scheduling

According to many sources, delivery, especially the final mile, can be one of the least efficient parts of an entire supply chain operation.

When it comes to optimizing our clients' routing and scheduling, we carry out a diagnostic process. We start by installing our IoT solutions to evaluate their existing routes by tracking all vehicles for a certain amount of time. We also analyze relevant info such as order data and customer service level. This allows us to pinpoint inefficiencies such as backtracking within a single route or a single week, and delivery routes that might be unnecessarily long. 

Using this baseline data, our team can identify opportunities and make a range of recommendations. This might include reorganizing stops or drivers' service areas, reducing or changing the number of delivery days, or changing delivery times.

Our Route Optimizer makes it easy to determine the optimal delivery order, and tools like the DMS provide drivers with additional tools for their routes. 

Additionally, our Route Optimization tools often free up drivers' time: instead of planning orders manually, they can follow the optimal route, and use the DMS app's other convenient tools throughout the day. Because of this, our clients' drivers are able to complete what was previously an 8-hour workday in just 6 hours.


Cold Chain Compliance

We're also able to work with our clients on cold chain compliance. Our solutions help both manufacturers who want to ensure product integrity and their distributors who aim to prove compliance. 

Our Vehicle Intelligence Hub tracks temperature, humidity, door opens, and more. Similar to Routing and Scheduling, we can use these tools to run a diagnostic on your existing operation before making suggestions.

While frozen and cold goods have always been an essential segment in supply chain and transportation, but have become increasingly important in light of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the need to transport temperature-sensitive vaccines. 


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Routeique offers a wide range of supply chain solutions. Still, we also know that, in complex cases, genuinely optimizing your business can often take more than just deploying a tech solution. 

We offer comprehensive analysis because without analyzing the underlying issues behind your supply chain needs, it is hard to choose the right solution. And when investing in the wrong solution can
result in setbacks for your business, as well as frustration for you and your team, there's simply no room for error.

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