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RouteiqueMar 3, 2021 3:22:00 PM3 min read

6 Key Benefits of Routeique Vehicle Tracking

6 Reasons To Implement Vehicle Tracking

“The issue is, managers can only truly manage what they see – and need to know exactly where vehicles and equipment are in order to properly use them. Real-time visibility of critical assets, which can be anything from fleet equipment to humans, is essential for operating a supply chain at peak efficiency.” - Global Trade Magazine

Routeique™ vehicle tracking solutions include so much more than just GPS.

Our system gives you a significant amount of visibility, from vehicle location to driver habits, cold chain compliance, and more. In this week’s blog, we’ll cover five key ways that a robust vehicle tracking solution can benefit your fleet.



1. Knowing All Vehicle Locations Helps You Adapt to Last Minute Changes

Without GPS location tracking, adapting to sudden changes can be time-consuming and imprecise. 

For example, if you need to know which of your drivers is nearest to a particular location for a new pick-up, you would have to make calls to determine who is closest to the pick-up zone. 

With Routeique™ GPS tracking, admin teams can check the “War Room Map” to determine which driver is closest to the location.

This allows you to quickly adapt to any changes in your orders or schedules and provide excellent customer service.



2. Reward Top Performers

Vehicle tracking can help track driver habits, such as monitoring stops/starts, acceleration, and more. 

However, FleetOwner has noted that these features can be perceived negatively or as “micromanaging” by drivers. Some sources even suggest that drivers might be reluctant to adopt the technology because of this.

In reality, tracking driving habits allows companies to create incentive programs to reward teams for great results while improving performance. They state that, as efficiency increases, more funds will become available to increase salaries and award bonuses for drivers, creating a win-win situation for both companies and their teams.

Similarly, Fleet Equipment Mag notes that with GPS tracking, “higher-performing employees are more likely to be recognized and rewarded based on verifiable performance.”



3. Maintain Cold Chain Compliance 

A critical element for both food and pharmaceutical supply chains, Routeique™ vehicle tracking features also include temperature and door sensors. This will alert staff if the temperature falls outside of the temperature range, or if a door is left open for too long. 

Our system also integrates this data into digital reports, which can be reviewed for safety assurance or submitted as proof of product safety to governing bodies or customers. 

Tip: Inventory management tools can help track critical details like ideal product temperature through every aspect of the cold chain. 

Learn more: Cold Chain Compliance: An Essential Part Of Your Supply Chain



4. Reduces Theft-Related Risks

While it’s not a main feature, GPS tracking can also be beneficial as part of a multi-layered anti-theft strategy. Should a vehicle go missing, your team can track its location.



5. The Potential To Secure Lower Insurance 

While it depends on your unique situation and jurisdiction, many sources suggest that vehicle tracking can help lower your insurance premiums. 

This is because a combination of the ability to demonstrate your vehicle is being driven safely, due to driver monitoring tools, as well as the ability to recover a vehicle in the event of theft thanks to GPS, can help to lower risk.



6. Stay ELD Compliant

The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate requires most fleets in the US and Canada to transition from paper logs to computerized logs in June 2021. 

Having a vehicle monitoring system that gathers the appropriate data for on-duty and off-duty status and measures GPS, speedometer, can help companies meet the upcoming requirements.



Learn More

If you haven’t found a vehicle tracking solution, there are many additional reasons to consider doing so. For even more info, check out the full overview of our Vehicle Intelligence Hub, or visit our Vehicle Tracking page.

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