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Routeique Oct 1, 2020 3:22:00 PM 4 min read

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Supply Chain Solutions

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Supply Chain Solutions

“On the whole, cloud computing has taken over as a software delivery method in ways its originators probably didn’t imagine. Defined by Gartner as a style of computing in which “scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities are delivered as a service using Internet technologies.”

- Logistics Management

Whether you’re still using paper, or are struggling with the limitations of on-premise legacy software, cloud-based supply chain management tools can help.

Cloud-based solutions are:

  • affordable

  • efficient

  • scalable

In this blog, we’ll dive into the benefits of cloud-based supply chain technology, as well as
some specific ways it can help businesses.


If I’m Using Legacy Technology, Should I Switch To

When businesses are first exploring using technology to enhance their supply chain, they may compare the features and benefits of digital solutions to older, pen-and-paper methods.

However, not all digital solutions are created equal, and not all supply chain management technology is cloud-based. Numerous publications, like Supply Chain Digital, contrast cloud-based solutions not just with pen and paper, but with older, legacy apps. 


Legacy Apps

“Legacy applications” is a term used to describe traditional on-premise enterprise software solutions, either custom-built or packaged. These solutions may be useful and have rich features, but they often address outdated business challenges and may not meet the demands of a fast-changing, fast-paced supply chain. 

Legacy apps:



Cloud-based solutions are designed from the ground up to be adaptable for change.

They typically:

  • have robust reporting and data visualization features

  • can integrate well with other products and systems, which can be essential since interoperability is “recognized as table stakes for success in the global supply chain.”

  • cost less to change or upgrade: when software modification is needed, studies show that solutions built with modern SaaS technologies can be quickly modified for less than 20% of the cost to update a legacy application

  • have a lower barrier to entry in terms of technical expertise and costs

Our cloud-based solutions don’t just benefit companies who are new to digitizing their operations: we’re able to help organizations using outdated technology reduce their costs as well as streamline and synchronize their business.


3 Ways Routeique's Cloud-Based Solutions Can Help Businesses

Delivery Management

In addition to in-vehicle driver support, route optimization, cloud-based tools help drivers and planners gain better visibility into what is going on on the road, in their network, and in their supply chain, says an expert cited in Logistics Manager.  

Our delivery management tools enable drivers to manage route planning, customer orders, invoices, and proof of delivery seamlessly in real-time. The DMS app is available for iOS and Android and is a new take on the traditional cloud-based transportations system (TMS) that integrates seamlessly with all of our other tools.

Learn More: Routeique’s Delivery Management System


Warehouse Management

Logistics Manager cites one company, which handled 10k orders across three warehouses, was able to “cut some of its prices by up to 45% following a migration from paper-based manual sortation to a cloud-based WMS.” Additionally, they saw a 20% reduction in customer queries to their service support team as the result of an automated ‘ready for shipping’ notification.

In another article from this summer, Logistics Manager states that in light of the Coronavirus epidemic, cloud-based WMS systems are more flexible and scalable than traditional on-premise software, and businesses can deploy it faster. 

Supply Chain 24/7 notes that customer service can also be enhanced by a cloud-based WMS: “Traditional WMS simply told the company where a product was and when it would ship. Today’s consumers want to be informed of every step of the journey, tracking their shipments online, and getting notifications automatically.”

Our inventory management and warehouse solutions enable you to track inventory in one or several locations easily, to monitor what you have in stock, trace products, monitor receiving, and more. 

Learn more: Routeique’s Inventory Management System


Financial Management

A 2018 article in Supply Professional states that one of the critical questions a supplier should ask when picking a system that enables them to manage their business is: “Is it cloud-based?” It’s easy to see why. Cloud-based technology allows for more efficiency and visibility.

For example, our cloud-based system makes it easy to:

  • link products

  • access, export, and review invoices

  • integrate with your accounting software

Learn more: Accounting Integrations


Get In Touch

According to a 2018 study, digital transformation enables typical procurement organizations to reduce process costs by 30 percent, and world-class procurement organizations by 22 percent.

To learn more about our cloud-based supply chain solutions, you can reach out to our experienced team by clicking the button below. We’d be happy to give you a demo of how Routeique’s solutions can benefit your organization.




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