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RouteiqueOct 22, 2021 3:22:00 PM3 min read

Three Key Benefits Of An Online Order Portal

Three Key Benefits of A Customer Order Portal 

Our B2B Customer Order Portal allows your customers to place orders, add standing orders, and view previous orders.

In this blog post, we'll go over three key ways a customer order portal can save time and effort for your team, while also providing a convenient and streamlined journey for your customers. 



#1. Save Time On Data Entry

At Routeique, we estimate that a Customer Order Portal can help your order desk team save time by up to 50%. When customers can place their orders, it frees up your desk team to spend time on more strategic tasks like upselling and enhancing customer relationships.



#2. Create A Positive Customer Experience

A self-serve Order Portal can create a convenient and streamlined experience for your customers while enabling you to increase revenue.



Provide Self-Service Options For Customers

In a recent blog post, The benefits of supplier portals, OpenText Blogs states when using a portal, "inquiries that would need to have been conducted via a time-consuming game of phone tag could instead be performed with just a few mouse clicks." At Routeique, we think this is just as true for customer order portals. 

When customers have 24/7 access to the Order Portal, they can:

  • create

  • view

  • edit

  • manage 

  • track

  • cancel 

their orders with the click of a few buttons. 

In other words, the Order Portal empowers your customer's team to make changes or check their order status at any time. Additionally, thanks to the Customer Order Portal, neither your team nor theirs need to worry about time zones, waiting on hold, or playing "phone tag.”


Offer A Customized Experience

According to TradeGecko, B2B Order Portals can also allow you to set up a custom experience for your clients. For example, they note that "setting preemptive discounts, for instance, will allow the client to instantly see the amount they expect to pay upon placing the order." 

With Routeique, you can use the price plan feature to set three different tiers of pricing: regular base-line price, discounted price, or customer-specific pricing. Price plans help you maximize your revenue while rewarding your loyal customers.  

Additionally, tools like the Order Portal's B2B recommendation engine can suggest relevant products to your customers as they place their orders, making it easier for them to learn about and pick out items they might need.



#3. Cut Down On Errors

According to the article Integrating Customer Portals Into End-To-End Supply Chain Processes, in the magazine Talking Logistics, "there is also typically an 8%-10% reduction in errors by eliminating keystrokes" when you use an online Customer Order Portal.

Similarly, in Innovations and Supply Chain Management Technologies For Dynamic Economies, ZongWei Luo notes when there is manual entry of "in-house orders and master data," poor data quality exists. "The resulting breaks give rise to more problems, such as missing information order and delivery status, additional labour effort for manual ordering, and lengthy process cycle times.”

An online Order Portal cuts down on the need for relaying orders by phone, and cuts down on the number of times data needs to be re-entered into spreadsheets or other systems.

Plus, having all documents stored and updated easily makes it much easier to trace where an error occurred, or if there are any customer questions or concerns.


An Additional Solution: The Sales Rep Order Portal

While our Customer Order Portal is a solution that saves both you and your customer time, money, and effort, we know some customers still prefer to order through one of your sales reps. Do you still want to make orders for your customers, but without the hassle of the phone-and-paper based methods? 

The Sales Rep Order Portal is an interface that allows you to make orders for your customers. They don't have to worry about ordering, and your team can conveniently send them invoices, order confirmations, and more.


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