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RouteiqueJan 26, 2022 5:54:00 PM2 min read

Helping Out Beyond The Supply Chain

Beyond The Supply Chain: Community Volunteering Efforts

We're passionate about supporting important causes locally and beyond. If you’d like to learn more, or are looking for ideas about some initiatives to support, this blog has got you covered! 


Canadian Blood Services

Routeique Team Donating Blood


One of the Routeique team’s community initiatives is donating blood with the Canadian Blood Services. We established our donation team in 2018. 

The team members who initially kicked off our group donations noted that many team members already donated for personal reasons, and we thought we could make a bigger impact if we did it as a company. Our team knew that many people wanted to donate, but didn't necessarily have the time to plan appointments. Since we regularly arrange donation days through work, it's much easier for everyone to make time for a good cause, and thus more people donate.

After 3 years of increasing participation and team growth, 2021 was our biggest donation year yet! Our initial target was 15 donations, but we donated more than double that—38! 

We definitely encourage other businesses to donate as a team. To learn more, check out their page on group donations and pledge-based participation! Since our donations in early 2020, there have been additional safety measures in place, to keep teams, groups, and staff safe as they carry out these important donations.


The Magic Of Christmas

Routeique team's donation box for magic of christmas


Two years ago, one of our team members spearheaded an initiative to donate to the Magic of Christmas, a non-denominational, 100% volunteer-run charity based in Calgary. Like many organizations, we request a box and our team fills it during the holiday season. All donations are then distributed by amazing volunteer Santas and elves, who arrive at each stop in decorated buses on Christmas eve.

If you or your team want to get involved with the Magic of Christmas, you can request a box for your organization during the holiday season, or make a one-time or monthly donation year-round.'


Staying Connected With Our Community

Additionally, many of our team members are involved in volunteering in areas such as:

Especially during the past two years, our team believes in working together and staying connected with our community and beyond. What initiatives are important to you and your team? DM us on Linkedin and let us know!