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Access The Features Of The Digital Control Tower On The Road

Give your drivers the ability to manage their route planning, customers, orders, invoices, and proof of delivery seamlessly and in real-time.

The Delivery Management System (DMS) mobile app for Android and iOS is an alternative to traditional cloud-based transportation management systems (TMS). It integrates seamlessly with the entire suite of Routeique™ supply chain software solutions, extending key features.

The DMS enables you to:

  • effortlessly manage, create, or delete orders from the road

  • locate delivery destinations with driving instructions

  • optimize routes on the fly

  • track damaged, lost, or refused items in the field

  • track proof of delivery with signatures and store stamps

  • print or email invoices from the road

  • accept payments on the spot

The DMS mobile app gives your drivers the ability to manage final mile deliveries with ease by accessing features in the Routeique™ Digital Control Tower from the road.

Here's What Routeique Can Do For You:

Routeique Driver Management System App Language Page Displayed On Phone

English, French, or beyond, Routeique™ has your language preferences covered. Accurate and reliable translations make DMS accessible for you and your team – no matter what language you speak.

Routeique Inventory Management System (IMS) App Zone Transfer Tool Displayed On Phone

Locating a delivery destination couldn’t be more simple. Drivers can open a map with turn-by-turn instructions, using the most efficient route, with the press of a button.

Routeique Delivery Management System (DMS) app displayed on a phone

Don't let surprise orders catch you off guard. Routeique™ gives your drivers the ability to re-optimize routes on the fly, giving you an advantage in an ever-changing industry.

Routeique Delivery Management System (DMS) App Signature Capture Screen Displayed On Phone

The DMS allows your drivers to capture signatures, right at the point of delivery. The status is then updated in real-time in your Digital Control Tower, allowing you to view the proof of delivery and status at any time.

Routeique Delivery Management System App Reject Page Displayed On Phone

Adding or removing products can be managed by a driver, saving your customer service team time and money. The driver can sell more items to customers by simply adding them to the order.

Routeique Driver Management System App Invoice Page

After the customer has signed for the order, your driver can view, print, or email invoices remotely. Mobile invoicing allows you to go paperless, reducing your carbon footprint.

Routeique Delivery Management System App (DMS) Payment Page Displayed On Phone

Time is money, and the DMS saves you both by letting your drivers accept payment on the spot. Allowing them to be a part of the sales staff capitalizes on the interaction they’re already having with the customer.

Routeique Delivery Management System (DMS) App With Delivery Stamp

Tracking proof of delivery is crucial, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. The DMS app makes it easy by allowing you to take and upload a photo of a store stamp against each order you deliver.

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