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Ensure your cold chain runs smoothly.

When your supply chain consists of perishable or temperature-sensitive products, it's essential to correctly manage your cold chain. We’ve designed our cloud-based logistics system to help you better manage your cold chain at every step. 


How It Works:

With our cold chain logistics solutions, like the Vehicle Intelligence Hub, you can:
  • Receive real-time data from your freezers, coolers, trucks, or any other area where products are stored.

  • Get immediate alerts should the temperature change or fall outside of the accepted temperature range.

Product safety and reporting.

Our system also integrates this data into reports which can be reviewed, submitted, or analyzed for product safety assurance. With digital reports, it’s easy to provide proof of product safety to governing bodies or customers. Having an overview of your cold chain helps you to gain control, minimizing potentially costly mistakes. 

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The benefits of our cold chain management tools.

Vehicle intelligence hub and sensor nodes

Routeique™ technology includes asset trackers to monitor your freezers/coolers and deliveries from anywhere. Our platform monitors these sensors consistently and immediately alerts you to a problem or change, so you are always in control of your cold chain.

Person sitting at a desk typing on a laptop.

A cold chain only works if every step of the chain is working together. That’s why Routeique makes it easy for you to communicate with your vendors, distributors, or retailers. When everyone is on the same page, your cold chain runs smoother.

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Different products have different temperature tolerances, and this information is essential for a functional cold chain. Routeique lets you quickly and easily view details of each of your products, so you know they're being handled correctly.

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A synchronized supply chain is more efficient and moves faster than one that's out of sync. Routeique helps ensure that each step of the chain operates optimally, creating a smooth and fast supply chain.

How our customers use our cold chain compliance tools. 

Many of our customers deliver products that are temperature-sensitive and rely on us to help them manage their cold chain.

For example, many of our customers use:

  • Technology for asset and vehicle tracking to ensure no step of their cold chain is missed or ignored. 

  • Our Vehicle Intelligence Hub, which provides even more detailed data about vehicles used in cold chains. 


Start enhancing your cold chain management today.

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