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Stay on top of your inventory and warehouse operations.

How you manage the inventory in your warehouse can mean the difference between OK and excellent customer service. We designed our core platform and Inventory Management System (IMS) app with you in mind, making it easy to use and quick to learn.


How It Works:

Conveniently Organize Your Products.

Routeique™ organizes your products by price, name, product type, or any way that is most efficient for you.

Track Inventory.

You can track your inventory as you complete orders, or manually update numbers during a count so you'll always know how much you have of each item. 

Schedule Orders.

With the Routeique™ platform, you can even schedule orders based on your average sales of each product to make sure you always have what you need. 

Manage Multiple Warehouses.

Have multiple warehouses? No problem! Routeique™ can manage inventory in one or several locations with ease. 

Three shelves against the wall with boxes and "out of stock" labels in the empty spaces.

Key benefits of Routeique™ inventory management solutions.

The Routeique Inventory Management window shown on a desktop screen

Routeique™ allows you to organize your inventory management in whatever way works best for you. Products can be quickly and easily tracked by whatever metric works best, allowing you to manage your warehouse the way you like.

Warehouse worker doing a stock count.

Track how much of a product you have in stock, and monitor that change based on the expected orders for that day or week. We’ll even help you schedule orders based on your average sale time, so you always have product when you need it.

Person holding a tablet typing with their thumbs.

Track your deliveries, and monitor your receiving. We’ll keep all your delivery notices in one place so you can review them. Our platform helps you identify shorts or other delivery issues. 

The Routeique Add Inventory window shown on a desktop.

Manually managing your stock can be exhausting. Routeique™ saves you time and energy by doing the hard work for you.

Here’s how our clients use our inventory management software.

In conjunction with the Inventory Management System, these tools create an ideal seamless supply chain solution to easily organize your stock, track quantities, prepare orders to your vendors, & fulfill customer orders.

Many companies also utilize:


Learn more about Routeique’s warehouse optimization solutions.

Keeping on top of your inventory is a significant task for your warehouse team. Routeique™ makes it easy for companies across the globe, both large and small, to improve your inventory efficiency and grow your business. 

Get in touch through the contact form below to learn more about how our supply chain solutions can enhance your business.

Birds eye view of warehouse workers in a warehouse loading stock onto a pallet jack.
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