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Place and manage orders with ease using the Routeique™ order management platform.

To best serve your customers, you need to make sure you have the right products on hand when you need them. Using an order management system like Routeique™ makes this easy! We bring you and your vendors closer together with simple, time-saving products, making your supply chain seamless.


How it works:

Place and manage your orders.

Orders can be placed and managed directly in our order system, on mobile or desktop. Authorized members of your team can easily place orders with your vendors. 

Automatic order plans.

Create versatile automatic order plans to associate product and fees to your customers. 

Order status.

You can easily monitor your order status, including tracking the delivery drivers to ensure your receiving team is ready when they are needed. 

Create standing or reoccurring orders.

Automatically ensure your loyal customers using a fixed order interval model are getting the products they need.

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See what Routeique can do for you.

Screenshot of the Routeique Create New Order page on a tablet.

With the Routeique order management system you can place orders in the blink of an eye. Create an automatic order plan and save even more time.

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When placing your orders, your vendors can easily communicate with you any issues or discrepancies they may have. Never be surprised by an order again, and always stay on top of your inventory.

Drawing of a clock equals money sign.

Using the Routeique Customer Order Portal, you don't have to waste time manually inputting orders. Instead, you can focus on other things and save time for your team.

Screenshot of the Routeique Update Standing Order portal.

When using standing orders through our Customer Order Portal, you minimize missed products and ensure your order is consistent when you need it. Fewer mistakes mean less dissatisfied customers.

It’s easy to see why companies love Routeique.

With the implementation of Routeique in 2016, an independent distribution company has been able to scale their orders more efficiently than ever before. Utilizing the Routeique Digital Control Tower, placing and managing multiple orders from a variety of vendors every day is quite simple. By using the Routeique order management features in combination with several of our other products, they were able to get the most out of our software, enabling them to increase their revenue and customer base.


Want to learn how they did it?

Message us below, and one of our experts will get your questions answered! 

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