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Manage your product list and information with ease.

Managing your products is essential to the operation of your business. Routeique™ allows you to have an overview of all your products, or view specific details about each one. 


How it works:

Check Product Details.

Check each product's prices, size, package quantity, vendor(s) who deliver it, customers who purchase it, and more. This overview allows you to maximize your knowledge of your products, helping you to make the most informed decisions possible. 

Keep Your Info Up to Date.

Product information from your vendor's syncs in real-time across your platform so you and your team can view the info from your office or warehouse.

Use this up-to-date information to inform your customers about your products effectively, helping them make informed decisions when purchasing from you.


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The benefits of Routeique™ product management tools.

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Get the right information with just the touch of a button. With your product details stored and organized right in the Routeique platform, it's easy for your team and your customers to find what they need.

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Organize and search through your product list in whatever way makes sense to you, making it easy to use and navigate - even for beginners.

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Knowing your product information makes ordering and receiving orders easy. Routeique™ keeps you in the know with sizes, quantities, and types of products you order and sell.

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No more paper product catalogues! All your product information is available digitally, so you can cut printing costs without sacrificing information.

How our clients use our distribution solutions.

Distribution companies need a solution to manage their products to simplify their supply chain from vendors to customers.
Routeique™ manages all their product lists, with detailed or simplified views, all in one place. 
Companies using our Product Management System often use our other tools, including:
Together, these features create a seamless solution for tracking and managing warehouse inventory and product availability.


Start making your distribution seamless.

Are you interested in rolling out enhanced product management tools? Or are you looking to streamline your entire operations? Message us below, and one of our experts will get your questions answered!

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