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RouteiqueOct 3, 2023 12:12:37 PM3 min read

Creating AI-Powered Supply Chain Solutions With Scale AI and AMII

Creating AI-Powered Supply Chain Solutions With Scale AI and AMII

“It's really consolidating about five years worth of work into a single year in terms of the acceleration from the funding and the acceleration from the Amii team. Just having been there, done that. They know this stuff so well. We're not reinventing any wheels. We're really kickstarting and jumpstarting our process.”
- Routeique CEO and Co-Founder Mike Allan

Key Takeaways:

  • This year, we have been carrying out an AI and Machine Learning project that will enable automated decision-making at a scale and at a distance.

  • The project has three key use cases: demand forecasting, sequencing, and space optimization.

  • This project is run in collaboration with the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute, and funded by Scale AI.


In the past, we have discussed our partnership with these two organizations, and in this blog, we’ll be going into a bit more detail about Amii and how this innovative project was kicked off.


The Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute

AMII, the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute, is one of Canada’s leading artificial intelligence centers.

Amii has decades of experience in investing in advanced AI research. They now share their expertise and serve as a bridge between leading researchers and businesses. Amii offers guidance to businesses while also helping them bolster their internal capabilities. They help companies create and implement innovation strategies that allow for AI breakthroughs.


The Project

“So the trinity of Routeique and Amii on the capability side and Scale AI with the funding opportunity on the other came together fairly quickly and we within a couple of months started working on a proposal for the project that we have today. And I can honestly say we haven't looked back.”
- Mike Allan

This project came about because we were working internally on a number of machine learning initiatives, improving our route optimization system, and looking carefully at what could be done inside the warehouse as opposed to just outside in the vehicles.

“And we had met Amii, who's the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute,” says our CEO and Cofounder, Mike Allan. “We actually took a number of the programs that they offered and we participated in something called Supply Chain West, which was a little bit of a a kindergarten version of what we're doing now, a cursory overview of what a machine learning can do for us in terms of the latest tools and techniques and going through that program, we were introduced to Scale AI, who came back and said, Why are you not applying for funding from us?”

As Amii’s website explains, our current project focuses on, “orchestrating warehouse operations to maximize efficiency across three interconnected use cases; Demand Forecasting/Sensing and Slotting Analysis, Pick Route Optimization, and Sequencing and Space Use Optimization.”

Since then, the project has made strong progress.


Funding From Scale AI

Scale AI is a Montréal based innovation cluster with the “aim of accelerating the integration of AI across business sectors.” This organization funds AI initiatives in a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, retail, agriculture, and more.

The organization recently announced its largest funding round, with $117M in investments supporting 15 AI projects, including our work on an AI-enabled digital twin with Amii.


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