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Routeique Jun 29, 2022 3:22:00 PM 2 min read

Supporting Future Supply Chain Visionaries

Supporting Future Supply Chain Visionaries

Starting in 2021, Routeique contributed to the Grant MacEwan School of Continuing Education’s accessible, industry-focused micro-credential courses, launched earlier this spring.


The Importance of Supply Chain Education

As additional public attention has focused on the supply chain in the last few years, one of the most common threads of news and discussion has been centred around staffing. This includes trucking, warehousing, supply chain management, and other roles ranging from entry-level to more experienced.

A May 2022 article in DHL noted that “Some studies estimate that for every one qualified supply chain manager there are six available jobs” and that, “(...) even though more people are earning supply chain management degrees and certifications each year, it hasn’t been enough to fill current needs. If this trend continues, businesses worldwide could find it difficult to meet demand for their products and services.”


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Collaborating With MacEwan University

At Routeique, our goal isn’t just to make world-beating supply chain software. We want to encourage innovation and do our part to contribute to stronger, more connected, and more resilient supply chains. Because of this, it was a privilege to partner with MacEwan University’s School of Continuing Education (SCE) to create the Intelligent Supply Chain micro-credential course!

“We believe strongly in fostering talent with the right skills and mindset to help solve the challenges the industry is facing, now and in the future,” our President and CEO, Mike Allan, commented in a May article on “In co-designing the Intelligent Supply Chain micro-credential program, we were able to impart some of the great experience we’ve picked up working with some of the world’s largest companies.”

We’re excited to announce that the course launched this spring. The course was carefully designed to focus on upskilling and reskilling opportunities. As covered in our previous blog, our team enjoyed the process of assisting in the creation of course materials and video content. 

In addition to providing subject matter expertise, our team created videos to guide students through the course modules, presented by VP Product Brent Bawel and scripted and edited by content creators Ryan Desmarais and Ethan Allan. "On behalf of Routeique, it was a pleasure working with the MacEwan team throughout this project,” says project manager James Boon.

Industry-Focused and Accessible to Learners: A Powerful Combination

We found the MacEwan team’s vision to create courses that were "focused on industry needs and accessible to learners" to be incredibly inspiring. Our team is excited for the launch of these micro-credential courses and excited about SCE's plans to create additional educational content in this area.