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RouteiqueJun 21, 2022 3:22:00 PM2 min read

4 Key Insights from LogiMAT

4 Key Insights from LogiMAT

After attending events like AMII’s AI Week and Fresh Field Catalyst Immersion Week, we stopped in Germany. Check out this blog for four of our key takeaways from LogiMAT.

After several years of delays due to COVID-19, our team was delighted to be in Germany to exhibit alongside MotionMiners, our manual process intelligence partner


Key Takeaways:

  • We attended LogiMAT with MotionMiners to present our joint Facility & Process Optimization Solution.

  • There were 4 key themes, including more interest in digital twin solutions, professional services as a differentiator, and a focus on optimizing manufacturing. 

  • We gave away prize packages in partnership with MotionMiners. 


LogiMAT is one of the largest trade shows in Europe for intralogistics and distribution. The expo aims to give a comprehensive overview of principal areas like loading technology, order-picking systems, and transport software. There were over 8 Halls of logistics solutions from robotics to vehicles and software.

Attending this event was Routeique’s introduction to the German market in partnership with MotionMiners GmbH, to present our joint Facility & Process Optimization Solution. Additionally, our strategic partners at Adiutabyte GmbH attended the show for part of the event, and exhibited alongside us. 

Routeique sign at LogiMat


4 Key Takeaways

1. Themes

Popular topics for the show were digital transformation, change management and the intersection between the warehouse and transport optimization.

2. Increased Interest In Digital Twin Solutions

There was lots of excitement at the show about Digital Twin solutions. This was especially true of those that could simulate scenarios in addition to providing a view of real-time processes.

3. Enhanced Services and Consultation Options as a Differentiator Between 3PLs

Many 3PL and 4PL service providers are now differentiating themselves from competitors through enhanced service offerings and consultation, including digital twins and process optimization.

4. A Shift from Optimizing Production to Optimizing Manufacturing

We heard from many companies that their focus has been on automating production for the last few years but now companies are turning their focus to optimizing logistics after products are manufactured. 




Sharing Our Solutions

In addition to exhibiting our solution and making connections in the German market, we launched a contest with MotionMiners. Prizes ranged from a full facility and process optimization package worth 25.000€ to potential analyses worth 1.000€.

These packages allow businesses to:

  • test the technology, functionality and analysis capabilities of Motion-Mining® Insights and the Digital Twin capabilities of Routeique
  • identify and review opportunities for processes that could benefit from analysis
  • identify and review opportunities for facility or technology optimization

We’re excited to help the lucky winners improve their warehouse layout and processes, especially in light of the trends mentioned above!




Routeique On the Road 

In addition to LogiMAT, our team’s itinerary included IFAT and London Tech Week. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs with our insights from these international events.