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Routeique Oct 14, 2020 3:22:00 PM 3 min read

How Integrations Can Benefit Your Supply Chain

How Integrations Can Benefit Your Supply Chain

"To deliver on the benefits of digital supply chains, companies must synchronize every aspect of supply chain optimization, planning and execution throughout their supply chain network–bringing together previously disparate disciplines, departments, vendors and technologies into a single ecosystem that ties everyone and everything together." 

-Sourcing Journal, 2018

There are a few different reasons why clients come on board with Routeique™. Some don't have an existing digital supply chain solution and are looking to reap the many benefits of going digital as they grow their business.

However, there's another way many of our clients opt to gain the benefits of Routeique™: by seamlessly integrating it into their existing technology stack. In these situations, a business might have several technologies that work for them but still have some visibility or capability gaps. When this is the case, companies can take advantage of our platform’s ability to integrate anywhere it's needed. 

Addressing gaps is more important than ever. Boss Magazine writes that in 2020, "Name an industry, any industry. Its supply chain is in a state of disarray because of the novel coronavirus.” The visibility and synchronization brought about by integrations can be a crucial way to adapt and grow.


How Routeique Fills Gaps In Your Supply Chain 

Routeique™ is versatile enough to live anywhere it is needed. It can extend or fill gaps in your existing system, or it can become your primary system, aggregating all of your supply chain info in one convenient place. 

With Routeique™, you never have to worry about designing or coding your integrations: our knowledgeable team can create and code a custom solution designed to fit your unique needs.



How Our Integrations Have Helped Our Clients

Our custom integrations have helped clients of all sizes in a wide variety of circumstances. Here are just a few examples.


Extending an ERP into the field

One of our clients, a large foodservice manufacturer, had a robust ERP system but found that they had challenges digitizing their entire supply network. They wanted to better leverage information about their distributors and deliveries to get a clear picture of where everything was at.

Routeique™ integrated with the ERP and helped structure what distributors owned which deliveries, ensured that orders were transferred to the right distributors at the correct times, and reported the delivery status back to the ERP.

Not only did this provide the company with more details about their products' and deliveries' status, but it cut a 17-day settlement process down to two by providing greater visibility, and updates when deliveries were handed off. 

Routeique™ was also able to integrate with another one of this manufacturer's third-party systems, designed to enhance product visibility. Supporting this kind of data-sharing is part of our larger goal to enable businesses to create a digital version of their physical network. In other words, we want to help provide companies with insight into each order's status, item, and asset, every step of the way. 



Enhancing e-commerce fulfillment

In our recent initiative, Routeique™ has been essential in enabling speedy fulfilment. E-commerce orders are easily synced into the system, allowing the fulfilment team to effectively carry out picking, packing, and delivery.





Helping small businesses sync accounting seamlessly

While many businesses might decide to use Routeique™ as their central source of truth, they may still use separate programs for areas such as accounting. We’ve made that easy too.

For example, our financial integrations allow you to integrate your Quickbooks Online data with Routeique™ instantly. It enables companies to import products and customers to get started with Routeique. Additionally, you can sync invoices, products, and customers from Routeique to Quickbooks online.


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