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Image of Routeique Co-founder and CEO Mike Allan speaking at Supply Change Conference and Expo 2023
RouteiqueNov 17, 2023 9:43:06 AM1 min read

Event Recap: Routeique at the Supply Change Conference and Expo

Event Recap: Routeique at the Supply Change Conference and Expo

Earlier this fall, our team participated in the Supply Change Conference and Expo. This new event focused on supporting supply chain managers, business owners, and teams by sharing information on supply chains, logistics, warehousing, freight, and procurement. 
Routeique led the 4th session, with our CEO and Co-Founder Mike Allan discussing supply chain transparency, traceability, and mapping on the first day of the event. 

 Some takeaways from our team members in attendance:

  • Visibility can be broken down into three parts: Insight, Foresight, and Oversight.
  • Technology is only one part of visibility success; perhaps a more significant part is people.
  • Visibility will be limited if people don’t participate in the correct processes.
  • Quite often, the amount of data isn’t the issue. It’s the amount of good data. Bad data equals bad results.
  • Managing a network is like the old math problem “Which bucket will overfill first.” When you have visibility into your network, you can work the buckets so they don’t overfill or stay too empty.


Revisiting Key Pillars

Additionally, Mike revisited some key topics here at Routeique, such as the concepts of insight, foresight, and oversight, as well as decision-making at scale at a distance. Check out the clips below for more details!

Insight, Foresight, and Oversight


Decision Making At Scale and At a Distance


Tech-Supported Supply Chain Solutions

It was great to connect with others in the supply chain industry or others interested in this topic, and we look forward to attending more tech and supply chain-focused events right here in Calgary!

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