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RouteiqueOct 31, 2023 2:34:36 PM1 min read

4 Scary Supply Chain Snags and How to Avoid Them

Are Any of These Issues Lurking in Your Operation?

This Halloween, we’re rounding up 5 common causes of supply chain snags. If left unchecked, they can cause shorted orders, incorrect or delayed deliveries, misplaced inventory, and more. 

GhostLack of Visibility

Things are disappearing. Products and orders are turning up in places where they shouldn’t be. Is the warehouse haunted, or are you in need of a better tracking solution? 

Read more about how data can improve inventory management.



VampireInefficient Processes

If left unchecked, inefficient processes can drain a business’ time and profit–and cause negative repercussions all the way down the chain. Get to the heart of the issue by tackling your problems in analog before digitizing the solution. 

Find out more about combining processes and technology to bring efficiency to operations.


Frankenstein MonsterPiecemeal Tech Solutions 

The intentions were good. The methods, inventive. The operation might even be working successfully. But, a pieced-together combination of spreadsheets, paper, and tech can be far from seamless. Instead of living in fear of what they’ve created, businesses can integrate their software. 

Discover how integrations can benefit your organization.


ZombieA Lack of Data 

Regardless of whether it goes slow or fast, a business that doesn’t have enough data will be limited in the type of decisions it can make, leaving it only a shadow of what it could be. 

Discover more about getting the most out of your software and data when working with a 3PL.


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