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RouteiqueMar 23, 2021 3:22:00 PM3 min read

Routeique™ Year-End Wrap Up

2020 In Review

2020 has been an eventful year. In addition to growing our team, rolling out planned initiatives, and updates to better serve our customers, Routeique™ worked on many ventures to help businesses pivot and adapt to supply chain issues resulting from COVID-19.


We Co-Founded, Helping Manufacturers and Distributors Get Food to Families

With restaurants, offices, and catering closed due to the pandemic, many food distributors faced a significant challenge. They had warehouses full of high-quality food destined for places that no longer needed it. Simultaneously, individuals and families were looking to stock up on groceries as they stayed home and followed social distancing.

Working with a range of local food manufacturers and distributors, we created, an e-commerce grocery store with contactless delivery options throughout the city. This provided a convenient solution for individuals at home while helping local businesses stay connected to their customers. As the initiative expanded to include delivery to Edmonton, it rebranded to

The online grocery service continues to help our neighbours by offering a range of food essentials and local favourites, partnering with ATB Financial (stay tuned for more details on this one), and giving back to the community. Over the holidays, ran a holiday giveaway campaign, which allowed Albertans to nominate someone in their life to receive a gift of free groceries! Thanks to some fantastic submissions, the giveaway was a success. 


We Launched A Yard Management Web App To Facilitate Contact-Free Check-Ins

Before the pandemic, drivers and yard personnel usually carried out yard management and check-in tasks by hand. Drivers exchanged paperwork physically with gate guards and other yard team members.

With the new technology and process, our clients' teams carry out tasks contact-free, enhancing their physical distancing measures.

Not only does it expedite contactless check-ins, but it improves efficiency and makes the entire delivery and pickup process run more smoothly. 


We Collaborated With our International Partners

This year, our team continued our work with several leading companies in the supply chain and tech space.

These include:

  • MotionMiners, an award-winning Germany-based software company specializing in manual process intelligence   

  • AdiutaByte, a Germany-based company specializing in route optimization.    

Read more about our work with MotionMiners and AdiutaByte in our blogs and stay tuned for our upcoming case study, featuring their technology and Alberta-based business InspiredGo.

We also have several upcoming partnerships that are sure to make supply chain waves in 2021, so stay in the loop to hear all the exciting news to come!


We Stayed Connected With The Industry

2020 was a year of cancelled conferences and trade shows. However, our team still had the opportunity to participate in numerous trade shows remotely, which was an excellent learning experience. Our CEO, Mike Allan, also appeared on podcasts such as Automating the Chain with Tee Ganbold and Collisions YYC with Tyler Chisholm.


A New Future Begins

In 2020, we set the foundation for the future and a strong structure for achieving new strategies and product enhancements. Key goals included enhancing our offerings in Advanced Route Optimization, flexible reporting, improved security, and more.

To achieve these goals, we combined several Routeique™ teams for optimum knowledge-sharing and performance. 

"This is the beginning of a new future forged by all of us," says Eric Moon, VP Operations.


Stay Up To Date

We hope to continue these initiatives and to enable our clients to succeed in 2021.

To keep up to date with developments at Routeique™, check out our weekly supply chain roundups, visit us on LinkedInFacebook, or IG.